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Do you want an own logo but don’t know how to start it? The logo maker is an excellent tool but it’s worth finding some time for designing.

Hereinafter we shortly write off the history of the logo. At first sight probably it doesn’t seem too important, but it gives a great help during the logo designing or using the logo maker.

Let’s start with a huge misunderstanding that is a popular error up to this day, thus it’s worth talking about it. The biggest misunderstanding concerning logo that it is identified with the given brand.

In many cases the logo is interpreted as it would be equivalent with the brand or it is refered to as a synonym but it is not true. We must not look at it as the brand itself because it is only one component of the brand’s ingredients. For sure it is one of the most important parts, but it is just one component among many.

We understand the above statement better if we get acquainted with the history of logo.

The history of logo

The beginning of the logo’s emergence goes back to the antiquity. Its development or full evolving took lots of century yet, but the beginnings are at the same time as the turnout of ancient testons.


Later the hatchments came out, which considered a sort of logo. After that the watermarks evolved, and those really are near to the logo. As a curiosity we have to make mention that with using the logo maker one can make a hatchment or a personal watermark for himself. We even could cut a dash as if it’d be our primeval family hatchment.

The invention of printing speeded up the evolution of logo because the turnout of the advertising industry made this fast evolution indispensable.

The advertising industry and the logo

Advertising is an ancient thing, too, but the advertising industry actually gained a huge momentum after the 18th century.


It turned out like this on account of many components. Obviously the evolution of the industrial revolution, the photography and the lithography contributed to it, too. These all led to the apace progression of the advertising industry.

It’s worth underlining the evolution of the photography that gave a incomparable visual world to the progress. From this there was forthright to the brand’s coming out. The visual world connected to the companies, products got a new function. (It’s worthy of parenthesizing that this development haven’t stopped up to this day because the recent result of this is just the logo maker.)

It’s worth emphasizing that the middle class of the society started to develop in this very time, and as the effect of the industrial revolution it grew bigger and bigger. It is particularly important because they were the primary target of the booming advertising industry. The creation of the brands and the importance of logos served just the purpose that the target public that is the members of the middle class could differentiate the various brands.

Up to the 19th century a special visual world has evolved which hadn’t existed before. With the progress of time the printing became cheaper and cheaper, thus the special typographies and the visualizations became more and more diversified. We could consider the advertising industry and the logo design as a new art branch. The evidence of this the Arts and Crafts movement coming out at the end of the century, which led to a complete change of the approach.

If you still have doubts regarding the connections between the logo designing and art, let’s start to use the logo maker app and you can feel the artistic possibilities in the logo making right away.

If you too take a fancy to consummate your self-expression by logo making, you found the proper tool for this, the logo maker app.

Download the logo maker app by clicking on the picture.

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The basics of logo designing in 5 steps

Before we start to use the logo maker, it’s worth spending some time for planning, because this gives the basic for the right logo.

The logo maker add is a good tool for experimenting, thus we can create as much logo as we want for ourselves, however it’s worth putting the phase of the planning in before we start the work.

1.   The first step of logo designing – choosing the type

logo maker

The first step, before we start to use the logo maker, is deciding the type of the logo.

The logo can refer to the activity or a product, but it can be just a visual symbol, too. It is also common – mainly in the case of startups – that the visual symbol is compounded with a letter or a title so it is identifiable easier.

It also happens that the logo itself contain only a text but this requires the most specialized knowledge, so it is not suggested for beginners.

When we have decided this, we can move to the next phase of planning.

2.   The second step of the logo designing – choosing colors

In terms of the logo the colors are very important. The logo maker contains all the colors we could use during the logo making.

logo maker

During logo making we have to strive the simplicity always, this is true for the colors pronouncedly. Don’t use too many colors, because this makes the logo too difficult and thus one can remember it much hardly.

The fact accepted generally is that the logo should contain 2 or maximum 3 colors. Using two colors is ideal.

If we have the logo made by a professional graphic, we can have a personal color made, but for this a huge specialized knowledge is needed, so its price is pretty high. Chiefly the big companies use to apply this method.

As a beginner logo maker, we should use the logo maker’s scale of color, so let’s choose two consonant colors for our logo there.

3.   The third step of logo designing – the forms

Every phases of logo planning and making are important, but the forms are prominently so, because they will be the visualization that the general public will remember.

logo maker

In this particular case we could say that the one who uses the logo maker is in a place of vantage, because many thing can be made with this app. One can experiment with the forms until the ideal end result will be taken shape.

But before we would start experimenting, even before using the logo maker, it’s worth deciding what type of form we would like to see.

Let’s approach the question from the other side. What would you like that the public would associate to your company from? It could be one of your product, your service or it could refer to your activity in any other way. You don’t have to insint to this convulsively, because there are such activities, where it is impossible to visualize the essence.

Let’s use our fantasy and invent the form of the visualization and only after that we should start the realization by logo maker.

4.   The 4th step of the logo designing – a typography

logo maker

As we mentioned before, for the startups the mixed logo is the ideal one, because the public connects the symbol to the company’s name easier. But in this case the typography is very important element.

The best solution is if the company’s name is connected very visibly to the designed visual element. For that very reason it’s important that the text read well. We have to find the proper type of print and letter size for this.

Let’s consider that this label must read well in small size or from far, too. So one have to choose the type of print very carefully.

Besides we only have to decide that the label should be integrated into the picture or under or probably aside. Integration into the picture requires a big specialized knowledge, but by the help of logo maker – after some practice – it can be done easily by anybody.

5.   The 5th step of logo designing – simplification

Before we have already talked about it but it’s impossible to emphasize enough that concerning the logo the key for the success is simplicity.

The simpler the logo is, themore recognizableandmemorizable. Therefore during the planning we already should strive for simplicity.

When we already has planned the logo or we already have made it with the logo maker, as the laststep we should simplify it.

It’s feasible that the finished logo is so esthetic, we don’t want to retouch it, but it’s worth simplifying it even further because later success attends our effort.

After all this we are well prepared to begin designing our logo and make it using logo maker. We don’t have anything else to do than to download logo maker and enter into use.

Download the logo maker by clicking on the picture and enjoy all the benefits of it!

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